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We specialize in AI-powered

dynamic order throttling

Unlock the full potential of your kitchen

We specialize in AI-powered dynamic order throttling

Unlock the full potential of your kitchen

Our Integration Partners

Our advanced, real-time integrations enhance your return on existing technology investments
Dynamic Order Throttling

Your kitchen’s personalized air-traffic controller

Utilize predictive ticket times to optimize your kitchen output and reduce strains on your operations teams.

  • AI-driven adjustments to kitchen output based on real-time order flow.
  • Achieves kitchen efficiency, fresher food delivery, and an enhanced customer experience.
  • Uses historical data and real-time insights to predict make times within 60 seconds.
Kitchen Intelligence

Monitor order performance across all locations in real-time using advanced statistical analysis

Fine-tune your operations and product execution, ensuring optimal kitchen performance and guest sentiment.

  • Pinpoint roadblocks to achieve maximum throughput.
  • Assess kitchen efficiency both holistically and by individual station.
  • Utilize Kitchen Intelligence for enhanced data-driven efficiency analysis.
Partnering with Curbit leads to happy customers, better reviews and more repeat business
Automated Guest Communication

Send dynamic messaging to your guests based on real-time order status and on-site conditions

Keep guests in the loop, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Guests receive real-time updates on their order’s progress.
  • Consistent and reliable experiences boost repeat rates and revenue.
  • Significant reduction in discrepancies between expected and actual pick-up times.

Push Notifications


Native Mobile

Order Status Boards

Drive-Thru 2.0

Create a virtual revenue center independent of traditional drive-thru constraints

No physical infrastructure required, it seamlessly adapts to your diverse locations and design limitations.

  • Cut the queue of the traditional drive-thru with smart pickup times and instructions when to enter the drive-thru lane.
  • Transform parking lots into an “invisible lane” – a virtual drive-thru without physical construction.
  • Enable drive-thru or curbside service at any location, irrespective of design constraints.
A happy woman customer getting her drive-through order with confidence and ease. Curbit


Improvement in Timing Accuracy


Increase in Repeat Rate


Improvement in Google/Yelp Ratings


Improvement in Timing Accuracy


Increase in Repeat Rate


Improvement in Google/Yelp Ratings

“With digital ordering, you have one chance to win over a first-time guest and very little margin for error with a returning guest. Curbit has exceeded our expectations by ensuring the Smasburger pickup experience is reliable and transparent for our guests.”

Veronica Luna
Sr. Director Digital Engagement
Jollibee Group NA (Smashburger parent co.)

“Curbit creates very clear visibility in our kitchen performance so our operators always know how their speed of service compares to our brand standards. This brand-wide consistency translates to higher guest satisfaction.”

Peter Bruce
Director of Operations

“The true magic of Curbit is that our guests are never left wondering when their order will be ready, or where to pick it up. This frees our staff up to do what they do best, and that’s making great food and serving the guests in front of them.”

Anthony Mejia
VP Technology


Simple Onboarding, Immediate Impact

Ask your KDS and Online Ordering CSM to enable Curbit. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Learn about the performance of your operation with a speed-of-service assessment
  • Compare how Curbit’s dynamic order throttling improves performance
  • Activate your Curbit plan with no training or technical lift required

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