AI-powered dynamic order throttling from Curbit


Smashburger lifts guest repeat rate by 22% with Curbit Kitchen Intelligence

Smashburger identified four fundamental challenges that were negatively impacting digital operations and the guest experience:

Absence of consistent brand-wide speed-of-service data.

Frequent inaccurate promise times to guests.

No live updates about order progress for customers.

Absence of order throttling during peak hours.


Can Curbit’s solution create a better experience for Smashburger’s guests?


Using Curbit’s advanced real-time AI platform, Smashburger effectively addressed their operational challenges and significantly enriched the overall guest experience.

Within 90 days, the locations utilizing the Curbit experience reported material improvements, as measured by A/B testing of a cohort of 31 stores with Curbit activated and 30 stores functioning as the control group

AI-powered dynamic order throttling from Curbit

Repeat Visits:
Demonstrating the effect of a more personalized and efficient experience on customer loyalty.

AI-powered dynamic order throttling from Curbit

Time to Pickup (TTP):
Reduced food dwell times led to fewer orders needing to be remade due to loss of quality (observed but not directly calculated).

AI-powered dynamic order throttling from Curbit

Guest Sentiment Polarity:
Based on post-order surveys conducted 30 minutes after order receipt, with a 14.8% response rate.

AI-powered dynamic order throttling from Curbit

Google Review Ratings:
Directly correlating to the improved guest experience.

“Nearly half of off-premise orders at Quick Serve and Fast Casual establishments receive only a 1-star rating.”

(formerly Black Box intelligence)


With rising off-premise orders, the lack of accurate, real-time communication between kitchen operations and guest regarding the progress of their order hurts revenue through reduced guest loyalty, less frequency, and lower online ratings.


Curbit’s real-time integration with Aloha kitchen, Olo, and it’s omni-channel communication channel with guests allowed it to coordinate workflow and order handoff at Smashburger. In short, Curbit provided the missing bridge between Smashburger kitchens and their digital guests.

Capabilities used by Smashburger

The following capabilities addressed the unique challenges faced by Smashburger, and paved the way for a more connected, efficient and satisfying guest experience.

Smashburger used Curbit’s platform to perform a 60 location split-test measuring the effectiveness of Curbit’s advanced system over Smashburger’s conventional approach.

AI-powered dynamic order throttling from Curbit

Automated Guest Communication

Automated messages informed by real-time order status keep guests in the loop, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

AI-powered dynamic order throttling from Curbit

Dynamic Order Throttling

Utilizing predictive ticket times, Curbit optimizes kitchen output, balancing efficiency without overstraining operations.

AI-powered dynamic order throttling from Curbit

Kitchen Intelligence

Detailed analytics enable teams to fine-tune operations and product execution, ensuring optimal kitchen performance.


Both groups were surveyed following their meals, with repeat rates/frequency and review rating metrics captured.


Default Experience

Locations in this group used Smashburger’s default experience.

• Static promise times
• No guest communications

Full Curbit Experience

Locations in this group leveraged Curbit’s full range of features, including:

• Dynamic throttling
• Kitchen intelligence
• Automated guest communications

The Smashburger case study offers a compelling testament to the transformative power of integrating Curbit’s intelligent technology into the dining experience. The substantial increase in repeat visits and guest sentiment highlights the efficacy of Curbit’s features.

By bridging the gap between digital operations and the physical kitchen, Curbit empowers restaurants to exceed guest expectations, fostering loyalty and optimizing overall performance.